Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Toyota Van Fitouts

Toyota's long wheel base vans have become a popular
choice among companies that require solid and well constructed cargo carriers. These vans have straight clean lines and are well suited to trouble free fit outs. (I am not connected to or are sponsored by Toyota in any way, this is only my view.)
With the fit out there are 4 main areas of construction. The raised sub floor, the left and right sides and the front cargo area between the passenger area and the cargo area.

The sub floor is constructed in 2 main parts outside the van and are then placed in the cargo area and secured together. The left and right storage areas are also constructed as one piece out side the van as is the front baffle panel and then placed inside the van and secured. The 5 components can be removed ( with 2 people) from the cargo area in approximately 10 minutes.

The sub floor section comprises of a 17 mm or 12 mm high quality overlaid panel produced predominantly from graded Pinus radiata veneers. These are glued with phenol formaldehyde resin and overlaid with a hard durable resin impregnated paper. The 17-10-7 is a 17mm thick panel with a 1.0mm face veneer and 7 plies.

The wheel arches are insulated to reduce irritating road noise. Appropriate areas of the plywood base are tape protected with a high density 3 mm x 12 mm sponge rubber buffer. This not only stops wear of the plywood and cargo duco due to friction created by vehicle twist and road vibration but also creates an air barrier between these two surfaces reducing the possibility of condensation that generally forms on the inside damaging the sub floor construction.

The sub floor partitions can be fabricated from 12 mm or 17 mm form ply. The verticals supports as well can be either. Galvanised countersunk screws are used through out. All sheet joints are biscuit jointed and glued. Where ever vehicle inspection ports are located there are allowances made for
easy access.